Reading Order

Contemporary Books


A small town romance series about one big family

The Wright Brother (Jensen & Emery) billionaire + brother’s ex FREE!
The Wright Boss (Landon & Heidi) sports + best friend’s ex
The Wright Mistake (Austin & Julia) enemies-to-lovers + stalker
The Wright Secret (Morgan & Patrick) brother’s best friend + female CEO
The Wright Love (Sutton & David) (Book 1 of 2 of Wright Love Duet) widow + single parent
The Wright One (Book 2 of 2 of Wright Love Duet)
A Wright Christmas (Isaac & Peyton) second chance + single dad+

Wright Vineyard

A small town romance series set around running a vineyard

One Wright Stand (prequel) FREE!
Wright with Benefits (Jordan & Annie) friends with benefits
Serves Me Wright (Julian & Jennifer) fake relationship + forced proximity
Wright Rival (Hollin & Piper) enemies to lovers + rival wineries
Wright that Got Away (Campbell & Blaire) rockstar + second chance
All the Wright Moves (Weston & Nora) roommates + brother’s best friend
Wright Together (Whitton & Eve) opposites attract + good guy, bad girl
Wright Kind of Trouble (Harley & Chase) (Book 1 of 2 of Wright Duet) age gap + enemy’s little sister + rival families
Wright Kind of Love (Book 2 of 2 of Wright Duet)


Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions in this Upper East Side series

Cruel Money (Penn & Natalie Book 1) bet + forced proximity
Cruel Fortune (Book 2) billionaire + second chance
Cruel Legacy (Book 3) revenge

Cruel Truth (Lark & Sam) office romance + second chance
Cruel Desire (Court & English) enemies-to-lovers
Cruel Marriage (Katherine & Camden) arranged marriage
Cruel King (Gavin & Whitley) fake fiancé

Free Cruel Bonus Content

One Cruel Night (Penn & Natalie prequel)
One Cruel Letter (Penn & Natalie epilogue)
Cruel Promise (Lark & Sam prequel)
One Cruel Wedding Night (Katherine & Camden prequel)
Cruel Kiss (Gavin & Whitley prequel)
One Cruel Game (Katherine & Camden bonus scene)

Coastal Chronicles

Second chance romances set in Savannah about a group of friends

Hold the Forevers: love triangle + two loves of your life
At First Hate (Derek & Marley) enemies-to-lovers
Second to None (Maddox & Josie) grumpy/sunshine
Wait for Always (Ash & Amelia) wrong guy, right time


The most epic love triangle ever. Enter if you dare!

Avoiding Commitment (Book 1 of 3) (Jack, Lexi & Ramsey)
Avoiding Responsibility (Book 2 of 3)
Avoiding Temptation (Book 3 of 3)

Avoiding Extras (3 novellas from Jack, Ramsey, & Chyna’s POV)
Avoiding Boxset


A political romance series about a dynasty family

Off the Record (Book 1 of 3) (Brady & Liz)
On the Record (Book 2 of 3)
For the Record (Book 3 of 3)

Struck from the Record (Clay & Andrea) black sheep + one true pairing
Broken Record (Savannah & Lucas) second chance + boy next door

Diamond Girls

A college sports romance about three girls and their happily ever after

Rock Hard (prequel) age gap
A Girl’s Best Friend (Bryna & Eric) coach + friends to lovers
In the Rough (prequel) forbidden love
Shine Bright (Trihn & Damon) rockstar
Under Pressure (Stacia & Pace) roommates + QB + enemies-to-lovers

Take Me

A college rockstar romance with a feisty virgin heroine

Take Me for Granted (Book 1) (Grant & Ari) rockstar + virgin heroine
Take Me with You (Book 2) opposite attract

Following Me

A stand alone escape romance told through a series of nightmares

Following Me Book

Fantasy Books


A series about a girl who discovers she has magic in a world where it doesn’t exist + the king & prince fall for her!

The Affiliate (Book 1)
The Bound (Book 2)
The Consort (Book 3)
The Society (Book 4)
The Domina (Book 5)

Royal Houses

A half-Fae, half-human pairs with a dark Fae prince to win a dragon tournament

House of Dragons (Book 1) (Kerrigan & Fordham) enemies-to-lovers
House of Shadows (Book 2) exiled prince + curse
House of Curses (Book 3) only one bed + fated mate
House of Gods (Book 4) gladiators + broken MCs
House of Embers (Book 5) (coming 10/2024)

The Oak & Holly Cycle

A heist romance set in an alternate day New York City

The Wren in the Holly Library (Book 1) (Kierse & Graves) (coming 6.4)

Blood Type

A human becomes a blood escort to a billionaire vampire to save her family

Audio Exclusive

Blood Type (Book 1) (Reyna & Beckham) vampire
Blood Match (Book 2)
Blood Cure (Book 3)